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Welcome To PT. Aneka Mulia Artha Blog Marketing For Gold Trade Program

Rate Info --- 2013-01-22 11.15 AM | ANTAM : Sell = 545.400 | MARKET : Sell = 550.000 | AMA : Sell = 687.500 ---> Come and Join us for Better Future... !!! Presented By Sebastian Phone : +6281241130888 Website Center: www.anekamuliaartha.co.id

Welcome to Aneka Mulia Artha

This is Aneka Mulia Artha, industry players who participated accelerate national economic, Aneka Mulia Artha has become the best company in the field of Business Solutions such as mining, precious metals, property, real estate, government solutions, industry solutions
Aneka Mulia Artha believes that what is on offer can provide comfort, safety and profits in the business
Finally.. Aneka Mulia Artha always give our best to meet your expectations :)

Our Service

Humanitarian Organizations working professionally, for natural disaster relief, social security and other missions both non-profit or profit orientation.

Property & Real Estate
Currently we are running several projects and exclusive residential construction in some areas of the island of Bali. Given the property to be one of the promising industries, of course we will continue to encourage improvement projects with a wider expansion.

Our involvement here is important to have business media. the information has provided methods to change the way our own progress in efforts to get the source of the latest information in the field of today's business world.

Techno - Industry
Our ability is developing your program, latest software or tools and equipment for government, military, commercial, industrial and individual computerized technology to keep track of progress

Tradding We provide trading facilities with our business partners to meet customers business needs, and could be considered as an attempt to diversify our business.

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